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Polywood Shutters - Durable, Beautiful, And American Made


Polywood® shutters are the best-selling interior shutters in Destin – and are completely built and manufactured in America. But they have more than that going for them. They survive far longer than classic wood shutters and insulate up to 70% better than wood window treatments. This means improved energy savings for you – in addition to improving your windows’ attractiveness.

The wide louvers of an interior shutter let in sunlight to give illumination to your home. You can move the louvers upward to block any amount of light just as swiftly. Whether you prefer your shutters open or closed, Polywood gives both visual appeal and value to your house. Its contemporary design coordinates with any interior design style. And when customized to fit perfectly in your windows, Polywood shutters are a functional marvel. Request your free in-home consultation and get a demo of how Polywood shutters could look on your windows.


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The Polywood® Shutters Difference

Made from a solid-engineered wood substitute, Polywood is a premium shutter that doesn’t chip or crack under any conditions. In fact, it’s so enduring, Polywood won’t warp or split. And the premium white paint colors won’t fade or change, so you can expose these shutters to any amount of sunlight that Destin gets. That’s because the paint finish is baked on with UV stabilizers.

And because Polywood shutters are cord-free and composed with hypoallergenic materials and paint, they are proved to be safe for pets and children.

The Polywood Shutter Insulating System Can Provide Savings Up To $1200 With The Federal Energy Tax Credit

The proprietary Polywood Insulating System will block as much as 30° of temperature and curtail 45% in heat transfer. The dense synthetic wood and innovative weather stripping make Polywood the most energy-efficient window treatment in Destin. That directly affords you savings on your utility payments. And Polywood shutters are now eligible for a 2023 federal tax credit to a maximum of $1200!

Besides that, Polywood shutters not only stand strong in the face of sun exposure, they also block up to 30° of outside temperature. They result in a 45% reduction in heat transfer, too. That directly affords you savings on your heating and cooling payments. Learn more about energy savings here.

Polywood® Shutters Warranty

Polywood shutters are designed to last many decades. They include a lifetime warranty guarding against any defects in paint finish, installation, or materials. This warranty is backed by our 40+ years in the business. To see what the warranty covers and its terms, read our official Polywood Shutters Warranty Doc.

Polywood® Shutters Inspiration

Polywood® Shutter Options

No two windows are identical, therefore, no two Polywood® Shutters are the same. We’re committed to delivering the window treatment you desire, which is why our skilled designers work with you to select the best fit for your home. With consideration to your style preferences, our specialists will make suggestions and guide you through designing the perfect interior plantation shutters. See our options below, and discover more about how we can give you the special touch your windows deserve.



Tilt Rod

Frame Styles

Louver Sizes

Polywood Shutter Louver Size
  • 4.5" (for maximum views and minimal cleaning)
  • 3.5" (traditional plantation size)
  • 2.5" (smaller style)

Special Shapes

Polywood Specialty Shaped

Polywood® shutters work beautifully on special-shaped windows including arched, circle, octagon, rake, French doors, and other custom shapes.


Products made in the U.S.A.

All Polywood® plantation shutters are wholly U.S.-made and assembled.


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