What Window Treatments To Choose For Your Destin Custom-built Home

Eric Ramsey

When you’re building a custom home in Destin, you strive to find the perfect finishing touches, including the window treatments. It might come as no surprise that plantation shutters are such popular picks in window treatments for custom homes in Destin. Their unique design and appeal complement interiors of all types and allow you total authority over natural light. With these qualities you can easily create a pleasant space and illuminate the enticing features of your custom home.

Plantation shutters in a model kitchen.

In What Ways Do Plantation Shutters Elevate a Custom Home?

When you want to draw attention to your custom home, select window treatments that residents in Destin use to add to their home’s style. Plantation shutters blend beautifully with homes of various styles. They stand out and catch the gaze of onlookers who may be more familiar with out-of-style metal blinds and curtains. Their functional yet distinguished design is all that is needed to create a stunning appearance and ensure a positive influence on visitors.

Plantation shutters are a smart finish for a custom-built home. The sharp design and adaptable color options work well with any style of home, so you can advise the home builder to install them in every space without worrying about how they will blend with your home furnishings.

Plantation shutters are custom-fitted for both standard windows and windows with specialty shapes, so you have the ability to utilize them on every window and avoid the inconvenience of selecting various window treatments. You will appreciate having a job removed from your list during the busy home design phase!
Plantation shutters in a model home bedroom.

How Do Plantation Shutters Make It Easy To Control Light?

Everyone loves the appearance of a home filled with sunshine. Although you are likely to select impressive light fixtures to illuminate your custom home, sunlight has distinctive properties that give an area a larger appearance or boost its overall character.

Despite its many benefits, natural light is unpredictable. As the day goes on, the quantity of light streaming into your custom home changes, and you have to alter your window treatments to filter the light accordingly. When looking for window treatments for custom homes in Destin, homeowners prefer composite Polywood® and solid wood plantation shutters that let them control the intensity of sunshine a room receives.

Simply adjust the tilt rod to change the angle of the louvers in the daytime when the sun is in full force to give a room a more acceptable level of comfort and open them again to make things brighter when the sun has shifted to a new location. You might also swing the panels open at the hinges for full sunlight to generate a bright, airy look and fasten them again for a cozier feeling.

Altering the slat angles also gives you the chance to shift the sun’s rays. When you tilt the shutter louvers in either direction, you can cast light all areas to make your space feel larger. You can also filter excessive glare away from people’s eyes and flat surfaces that reflect without shutting the slats and eliminating the light altogether. With one simple motion, you can manage the placement and the amount of daylight that shines within your home for the comfort of your visitors.

Get The Top Window Treatments For Your Destin Custom Home

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