What Are Your Cordless Window Treatment Options In Destin?

Cord-free window coverings are getting more popular for good reasons. They look sleek without those unsightly strings hanging down and they’re easy to use. These window coverings are safer for residences with small children because there aren’t cords for your youngsters to become entangled. You have just one important decision, which cordless window treatment option in Destin will you choose? Roller shades, motorized shades, and Polywood® shutters all offer you the advantages of cordless window treatments.

Cordless motor shades in a dining room

Cordless Roller Shades Offer All The Advantages Minus The Hassle

Roller shades are a top choice for Destin homes since you can purchase them in a wide range of colors, materials, and varying degrees of opaqueness to get the visual dynamic you desire.Typically, you move roller shades with a beaded chain or string. Unfortunately, the cord will diminish the clean appearance of your shades, get entwined, or swing and slap against your wall or window in a breeze.

Cord-free roller shades give you equivalent value without the hassle of a cord. Instead, they have a pull bar attached on the lower end of the shade that you grip to pull the shade open or closed. This puts a stop to tangled and swinging cords and creates the streamlined look you expect from this product. In place of difficult strings, you will instead see the color or pattern of your room-enhancing roller shades.

Plantation shutters in a dining room 

Plantation Shutters Present A Sturdy Substitute To Other Window Treatments

A smart method of going cordless is to avoid blinds and window shades all together and turn to interior shutters as an alternative. These solid coverings are crafted very differently from other window coverings. Shutters feature panels made of hardwood or faux wood that attach within the frame and smoothly swing open on hinges when you want to flood the room with sunlight. You can also open and close the slats in your panelling to control where the light goes.

Some shutters have a tilt rod that is used to manage the louvers. If you don’t have a tilt rod, you can manually guide the louvers to adjust them. Both types are popular cordless window treatment options in Destin as they feature clean lines that accentuate the decor of every interior. Modern Polywood® shutters are known for being extra durable and long-lasting. You can most assuredly install them in hot and humid kitchens or within sun-splashed windows, and they will survive the moisture and excessive sunshine.

Motorized shades in a living room

Motorized Shades Broaden Your Cordless Window Treatment Options In Destin

Coverings that use cords can be frustrating. You must exert just the right amount of force to raise or lower them to the proper position. However, you can say goodbye to the irritation with automated roller shades. They open and close with an electric device that you manage through a remote controller or mobile app. You have the ability to change the position of your roller shades without those tangled cords and without moving from your seat. You even have the option to set smart motorized shades to change settings on a schedule to eliminate direct sun in the afternoons or provide privacy at night.

Most window shades offer automated versions, providing you a wealth of cordless window treatment options in Destin. You can put remote-controlled cellular shades in a drafty window to reduce energy consumption or eye-catching motorized Roman shades in a formal living room. You even have the option to adjust the light level in your work space without getting up with automated zebra shades.


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