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Front door with sidelights

What Are The Most Preferred Front Door Window Treatments For Destin?

February 12, 2021

When covering a front door window, you won’t want something that swings when you open the door or obscures unusual shaped windows like blinds and shades do. You require something that covers your front door windows for privacy and light control and reveals their appearance. That leaves multipurpose plantation shutters as your preferred choice for front door window treatments in Destin. They fit all windows to achieve the coverage and beauty you desire for your entryway.

Plantation shutters in a Destin living room

Interior Shutters Provide Total Coverage For Front Door Windows

You’ll often find shades and blinds on a front door, but they aren’t the most preferred front door window treatments for Destin homeowners who look to manage privacy and sunlight in their entrances. They swing at the slightest motion, giving a look into the interior of your house even after the door shuts.

If you don’t like your window covers thumping against your door, plantation shutters are your best option. They affix to the window frame and every part remains in place. They will not knock into the doorknob or get pull strings caught in the door.

And then you can tilt the louvers to control sunlight and privacy. Close them to shield your home from spying people and UV rays or open them for partial light. If you desire full sunlight, you can pull open the shutter panel and let it flood in. When a visitor rings your doorbell, crack open your shutter louvers to peer out and see who is there.

Plantation shutters on a front door

Plantation Shutters Provide Difficult Sidelight Windows With A Custom Appearance

Sidelights are the thin windows alongside of a door. They give your entryway more sunlight and a view outdoors. They also let people see right into your Destin house or they blind you when the sun is too brilliant if you don’t find a way to block them.

Because sidelights are so slender, they look best with customized plantation shutters. The neat lines of the shutters suit slim sidelights that are otherwise hidden by fussy curtains or blind cords. Their louvers give your doorway an appealing architectural element and texture. You can select from three different sizes of louvers and many neutral hues to get the look you want. Select from crisp white Polywood® shutters or the warm colors of premium wood Ovation® shutters to easily match or coordinate with the trim around your front door.

Circle shaped window in Destin 

Interior Shutters Fit Lovely Circle And Eyebrow Windows

“Eyebrow” windows are small arched windows at the top of doors. You may also find circular windows over doors or on them. Both shapes offer plenty of interest to the facade of your Destin abode and its entrance but can be a pain if they face a direction that allows in a great amount of light.

You can hide these windows with a shade or blinds, but you’ll forfeit their lovely shapes. Instead, check out plantation shutters. Plantation shutters can be customized to fit any window shape--even difficult round ones. You can still use them, too. Just like on square window covering simply use the tilt rod to open and close the louvers and divert or restrict sunlight in your entryway.


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