Plantation shutters in a dining room

What Are The Different Kinds of Indoor Shutters?

January 20, 2017

Indoor shutters can be constructed for different sizes and types of windows in your home. But not all indoor shutters are the same. There are a few different kinds of shutter to on the market, and options within those categories with regards to material, louver width, and beyond.

Let's take a look at the different options available for interior shutters, and how each one can add to your home.

Interior Plantation Shutters In Destin, Florida

Plantation Shutters In A Destin Living Room.

Photo credit: Jane Cunningham, Room Resolutions

Plantation shutters in Destin are the preferred type of shutters because they let in the light freely when open, keep out the outside temperature when closed – and look beautiful no matter if open or closed.
The wide shutter slats or louvers are one of the aspects that differentiate plantation shutters from other window treatments. The louvers range from 2.5” to 4.5” wide. These larger slats offer a greater view from your window and let more light into the home. Connecting the louvers together, the stiles are the firm vertical parts of the shutter panel, that lets the louvers move as one.
We offer four exceptional types of indoor plantation shutters that are custom crafted to fit your windows perfectly: Polywood®Ovation® woodReclaimed Wood, and Studio Shutters.
Polywood Shutters 
Made from a premium synthetic wood substitute, Polywood shutters won’t chip, crack, warp, or split. The premium paint color on these indoor shutters won't lose their vibrancy as they’re exposed to sunlight because of our unmatched baked-on paint finish infused with UV stabilizers.
Ovation wood shutters 
Ovation shutters are built by hand with furniture-grade teak and come in a host of stains to match your existing wood trim and furnishings.
 Reclaimed Wood Shutters
Reclaimed Wood shutters are crafted from repurposed old wood that was once a part of old buildings, fences and other structures. Every piece of wood is unique, and together they make not only a functional shutter, but a modern work of art on your windows.
The most recent addition to the Sunburst family, Studio Shutters are a basic plantation shutter that carries the same classic style as our Polywood shutters. With a few less options than other plantation shutters, Studio shutters are a perfect option for homeowners who want to stay within a budget with their window treatments.

Traditional Colonial Shutters 

Traditional Colonial Shutters
With the traditional look of smaller louvers, colonial shutters are an older option for Destin.
Colonial louver sizes commonly range from 0.75” to 1.25”.
Between us, plantation shutters are the preferred shutters in Destin. When it comes to shutters that showcase beauty and reduce your energy bills, louver size matters. Whereas colonial shutters are built with smaller louvers, Polywood and Ovation plantation shutters – which are built for beauty and energy efficiency – are your best choice. And note: larger louvers are a piece of cake to clean and adjust.
Are the differences in shutters somewhat easier to see now? If you could use a partner in finding the best window treatment fit for your Destin home, call Sunburst Shutters Destin at 850-203-0419 for a free design consultation today.