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Plantation shutters in a bedroom

The Right Window Treatments To Help Black Out Your Windows In Destin

June 16, 2021

Mass-produced ”blackout” window coverings advertise complete light control, allowing for both noise and light blocking. However, they won’t match your windows exactly as light intrudes along the product’s perimeter. Alternatively, install custom roller shades or plantation shutters to black out windows in Destin. Your customized roller shades can have a thick, dark pattern or color and have no gaps to prevent light from entering, while faux wood plantation shutters insulate windows.

Blackout roller shades in a bedroom

Customized Room-Darkening Roller Shades Eliminate Outside Light

If you want to black out windows in Destin for exceptional light blocking and privacy, install made-to-order room-darkening roller shades. This popular window treatment can be created with a quality material that is opaque enough to prevent all sunlight from invading the space.  If you get customized roller shades, your window treatment rep will record your exact window dimensions and make sure your new products are an exact fit for your opening to avoid any gaps around the edges. When lowering the shades, they will totally cover the window pane and won’t leave any space for sunlight to peek through.

Using made-to-order room darkening roller shades will assist with insulation as well. Their heavy material and exact fit are great in keeping out excess heat and cold patched in the winter. You will appreciate feeling a bit toastier in during the wintertime and more tolerable in summer with your new roller shades, and you could see some savings on energy costs.

These functional coverings are stylish too. The phrase “blackout” doesn’t mean the color needs to be dark. Blackout roller shades are available in colors ranging from black to white in various designs to match your decor. With a heavy roller shade, you get a window covering that is both effective and stylish. Blackout roller shades provide an appealing method to keep out sunlight when an absence of light is required for bedtime, a movie, or to maintain the desired comfort levels.

Plantation shutters in a living room

Polywood Shutters Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

A majority of residents are in the market for window coverings in Destin to improve efficiency. Preventing hot sunshine and cold air that enters at your windows helps maintain your house’s comfort while keeping energy costs low. Products like blackout roller shades and blinds made of heavy fabrics or other materials may improve efficiency, but faux wood shutters are often more effective. They utilize weatherstripping along all borders that provides more effective insulation than other window treatments. When shutting your Polywood® shutters, this beneficial insulating quality wards off hot and cold patches coming from your windows. Your HVAC system won’t be overburdened, while your home stays a comfortable temperature without a high utility bill.

Polywood shutters are effective in keeping out sunlight as well. They can’t fall askew with a little nudge or bump like other, more lightweight materials as they are put together using solid, sturdy materials. All panels are customized for a precision fit within your window. There is virtually no room at the bottom or sides for light to sneak through like you get with store-bought blinds and window shades. The smartly designed louvers are even made to lay close against one another and allow just a shred of exterior light when you close them.

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