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Tips For Combining Window Treatments in Destin Homes

February 14, 2017

For some Destin homeowners, one window treatment on some windows might not satisfy. Whether you’re trying to achieve a certain style, double down on blocking light and heat, or for any other reason, combining window treatments has become a common practice.

So which window treatment combos give your home the most great looks and the most effective window coverage? Let’s break down some of the most popular pairings for Destin homes.

Combining Plantation Shutters with Drapes

Destin drapes and shutters.

Plantation shutters and drapes are among the most chic and popular window treatment pairings we usually see in Destin homes. The reason they’re so often paired is simple: they give homeowners the largest amount of freedom concerning privacy, looks and light control. Plantation shutters are perfect for larger windows, since they can keep your privacy while also letting in a good amount of light. Sometimes in large rooms, though, you might want to drop in a splash of color or add a bit more warmth to the space–that’s where a set of drapes can help. An additional set of drapes can offer your room some needed color, give your home a cozier look, and give a tasteful framing to your shutters.

Those draperies don’t have to be heavy, highly functional window coverings when paired with shutters, either. Even a thin accent drape to the side of the window can get the job done, as your shutters give your windows more than enough protection.

To see how Denise Cooper of Be My Guest with Denise combines her plantation shutters with drapes, check out this video. 

Pairing Shades with Draperies

Destin drapes and shades 

A combination of shades and drapes can give a room a classic look, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. What gives this combination such a unique appeal is in the contrasting textures that are achievable, especially with roman or cellular shades. When you match colors but have different textures, you can make that room feel simultaneously comfortable and sophisticated.

Window Treatments with Cornices and Valances

Destin kitchen shutter and cornice valance

Although they’re not as common as they once were, valances and cornices are still used in certain homes, and can fill a niche when paired with the right partner. Like drapes do when paired with shutters, a cornice or valance is going to be your accent piece. We suggest using an interesting hue up top with a neutral-toned window treatment, like Polywood® plantation shutters or faux-wood blinds. This type of pairing works especially well in certain rooms like the kitchen, where you probably want a waterproof window treatment like Polywood.

Window Film Works with Anything 

Back when it was first introduced, window film was just used to blacken windows, which was tricky since it could make rooms feel a little dull as well as prevent you from seeing a clear view outside. The window film available today lacks these issues, as it blocks up to 80% of solar energy without clouding your view with a layer of shade.

That makes window film a great combo piece to other window treatments, as it can easily be affixed to your window glass and drastically increase your window’s energy-blocking ability. Window film does all this while allowing you total freedom in how you want to dress your window, whether it’s honeycomb shades, plantation shutters, or a different window treatment.

Could your house use a new window treatment combination like one of these we’ve discussed? Call Sunburst Shutters Destin at 850-203-0419 today to set up a free in-home window design consultation to begin giving your windows the treatment they deserve.