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Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

Should You Use Light Filtering Or Room Darkening Window Shades In Destin?

May 16, 2024

When selecting window shades, you should contemplate more than just their appearance. Window shades let you govern how much outside light is brought into your space. The correct shades will make it a breeze to fill an area with sunlight or impede it almost wholly. You just have to determine what you want for your space. When you know if you like more or less light, it’s straightforward to determine if you should get room darkening or light filtering window shades in Destin.

Light Filtering Window Shades Vs. Room Darkening Shades In Destin

An illustration of five light filtering options for window shades

Window shades impact the light in a space in various ways. Firstly, you can draw them up to permit light or close them to impede it. Motorized shades of all varieties make controlling light levels as simple as the touch of a button! You may also get top-down/bottom-up shades that permit you to open the top section of a window for light but keep the lower region shielded for privacy.

The width of the shade matters, as well. Denser room darkening shades block most exterior light when shut. Light-filtering window shades allow a degree of light through their thinner fabric. Whether you choose room darkening or light filtering window shades in Destin is dependent on how much you need to keep light from entering a space in your house.

There are varous levels of opacity or transparency. Shades range from sheer—with a lack of privacy and only a little light obstruction—to room darkening that halt almost all exterior light.

When To Select Light Filtering Window Shades

White translucent shades on a tall living room window

Many Destin homeowners want to bring natural light into their living areas. Sunlight is an excellent source of free illumination and warmth. It will enliven a gloomy space and envigorate you. You may even have an animal who likes to lie below a sun-splashed window.

Light filtering window shades give you the right amount of light. Their more transparent material softens powerful sun rays as they light up an interior. You may use light filtering shades in any room where you would like natural light without totally uncovering your windows. They’re great for high-traffic spots like a family room or kitchen. Or put them on shaded or north-facing windows that don’t receive much hot sunlight.

When To Pick Room Darkening Window Shades

Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

It’s sensible to choose room darkening shades in Destin whenever you want to do exactly that: darken a space. You won’t always want exterior light coming through your windows. Implement room darkening shades in your bedroom to prevent light from disturbing your sleep. Or, utilize them in your TV room to block glare on the screen. You may also want room darkening shades in very sunny rooms that often get too hot. While room darkening shades don’t stop UV rays quite as well as rigid window treatments like louvered shutters, they still do the job well and lend style to your windows

When To Use Both Room Darkening And Light Filtering Shades

You don’t have to pick between room darkening and light filtering shades. If you want both kinds in one room, you can have them! It’s normal to install a room darkening shade behind a more transparent shade in the same window. This layering provides a way to get filtered light AND room darkening whenever you wish to have it. And using these shades one behind the other lends a unique look to your window.

Just chat with your local Sunburst Shutters window treatment expert about putting in room darkening shades at the rear of a more sheer shade. By doing this, you may use whichever shade you need at the time.

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