Quality Faux Wood Shutters vs Inferior Faux Wood Shutters in Destin

Eric Ramsey

There are a lot of faux wood shutters out there, but how do you tell the difference between good faux wood shutters, like our Polywood® shutters, that will look nice for years and faux wood shutters that will wear out in within a few years?

You need to examine the faux wood shutter’s construction and specifics such as its durability, finish, and energy efficiency potential.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters in Destin 

Quality faux wood doesn’t splinter, crack, chip or warp

Most window treatments seem attractive when first installed.  But shutters that are composed of inferior materials such as paltry composites, vinyl-wrapped particleboards, or flimsy louvers can start to sag, chip, splinter, or fade.  This is even more evident in heavily used spaces or in areas that have variable heat, cold, or humidity.  

High-quality faux wood, like Polywood, is constructed from extruded compounds that is made so it won’t disfigure, discolor or break.  The solid louvers allows shutters to defy bowing, splintering, cracking, and chipping, even in high-humidity or varying-temperature areas.  Checking the warranty usually is the best way to check the quality of a faux wood shutter.  Companies that give a lifetime guarantee have faith in their shutters because they only use the highest quality of materials.

Polywood Shutters in Family Room in Destin 

Quality faux wood wipes down easily

Everyday maintenance is pretty much the same process for all types of faux wood shutters.  But deep cleaning has different issues. Vinyl and other substandard materials will absorb some moisture when wiped down with a damp rag.  Substandard faux wood shutters also have coatings that can trap dust and dirt so that they are harder to keep clean.

Manufacturers that make quality plantation shutters understand that faux wood should be easy to clean.  For example, Polywood has a finish that is easy to wipe down quickly, which makes your shutters appear spotless.  Quality faux wood is also completely moisture resistant, so if anything gets on the shutter, it can come clean with a damp rag or spray cleaner.

High quality faux wood is energy efficient

When you lower your quality faux wood shutters, you should notice a quantifiable difference in air flow and heat loss.  The thick louvers and dense composites will help block outside sun that heats up a room and air transfer that can cool down the space.  The top faux wood plantation shutters, like Polywood shutters, will go even further in ensuring energy efficiency by adding in UV inhibitors and weather stripping.

Shutters crafted with an inferior composite won’t give you similar energy efficiency benefits.  Those using shoddy materials or hollow louvers will still allow drafts through. Over time, substandard shutters can begin to sag and leave gaps between the louvers.  To see if you are using a cheaper faux wood is to look at its R-rating. The higher the number, the better the shutter blocks UV rays.

Polywood Shutters in Destin Bathroom 

Call a Destin representative and get a great faux wood plantation shutter

Picking a high-caliber faux wood shutter can sometimes seem like an impossible task.  However, our Sunburst representatives will be happy to show you all our faux wood shutters, so you can pick the right quality faux wood shutter for your windows.  To schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, call 850-203-0419 today.