Matching Your Destin Wood Shutters With The Wood In Your Home

Eric Ramsey

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Exposed wood in your Destin home can make it the jewel of your neighborhood. Wood floors, classic oak furniture, or visible beam work are hallmarks of a handcrafted, stylish house. And if you want to take it even further, you can complement the wood in your home with the best Destin wood shutters. Sunburst will teach you how.

How to Incorporate Multiple Wood Tones in Your Home

A commonly held belief about using natural wood in interior design is that you need to exactly match the wood types across your home. That’s not a great idea for a couple of reasons. The first is because it can be hard to match the exact wood types: your cherry floor, mahogany furniture, and teak wood shutters are going to naturally vary in tone. Another reason is that if all of the wood in your home matches, everything kind of runs together and nothing really stands out.

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What’s more important is to match the tone and the grain of the wood in your furnishings. Doing that will give your home a great sense of flow without it being boring or plain.

Matching Wood Grains In Your Home

Matching the grain is pretty easy. If your hardwood floors are smooth, go with a smooth finish in your wood shutters to match. If your wood floor has texture to it, whether it’s wire-brushed or hand-scraped, a similar grain to your wood shutters keeps that natural style flowing across your home.

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Matching Wood Tones In Your Home

Being able to match wood tones can be a little harder. When picking the stain of your wood shutters, keep these things in mind:

  • Try to keep within the same “family” - but you don’t have to match the wood species exactly, remember which wood types are more formal or casual. Mahogany and cherry tend to be a bit more formal, whereas maple and pine are all more on the casual side.

  • Walls give you white space – matching wood furnishings to wood flooring is hard because one is directly on top of the other. Your wall is a natural buffer between the floor and your shutters, giving you more room to experiment with various styles.

  • Decide to Be Warm or Cool - Most wood species naturally carry either a warm or cool tone. Choose wood shutters that match the tone of the room in addition to the texture.

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Choose Your Woods in Person

All of this discussion about coordinating styles and grains might seem daunting, but it all comes together when you see it in person. Schedule a free in-home consultation with your Destin shutter experts today by calling 850-203-0419 and we’ll walk you through the steps from start to finish.