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Destin Bay Windows Need Spectacular Window Treatments

September 21, 2016

Unique window types are usually some of the most visually striking hallmarks of homes in Destin - and one of the most eye-catching types of those unique windows are bay windows. From either the inside or outside, bay windows grant a sense of comfort and fashion all at once - if they’re partnered with the right window treatment.

But how does one decide which window covering to select? Just like other unique window types, bay windows have individual factors to bear in mind. Sunburst Shutters Destin will take you through the bay window treatment checklist, as well as show you the top picks for your Destin bay windows.

White shutters in a white bedroom bay window. 

Considerations For Treatments For Bay Windows

  • Complement your bay window - A poorly-chosen, dull window treatment may obscure the aesthetic of a bay window. Go with a treatment that complements your bay window’s unique shape.

  • Control of light and temperature levels - Bay windows tend to let in a good amount of light and heat from the sun. You want a window covering that keeps your space comfortable and allows you to control the climate.

  • Privacy - Just like a window treatment needs to accentuate a bay window’s geometry, it also needs to control how clearly you’re able to see outside your home, and how much others can see in.

The Least Recommended For Bay Window Treatments

  • Aluminum blinds - Blinds have a tendency to hurt the charm of specially-shaped windows, making them look somewhat generic or cheap. They also underperform in controlling light levels as well as in their energy-efficiency.

  • Drapes - Similar to blinds, drapes bring down the aesthetic of bay windows by obscure their unique shape, which is one of their central benefits. Light control is also a zero sum game with drapes.

  • Nothing - Some homeowners think it’s best to keep a bay window uncovered. The single reason for no window treatment is an increase in visibility, but it decreases your options for control of light and energy, and can let passersby get a clear view inside your home at all times.

Recommendations For Destin Bay Windows

Cellular Shades for Bay Windows

Brown cellular shades in living room bow window. 

Fashionable, wallet-friendly, and simple to use, cellular shades are a great partner for bay windows. The reason why they work so well on bay windows is the amount of freedom cellular shades give you. These shades can be purchased in different cell sizes, all the way from 7/16 in. to 3/4 in. and come with a top-down/bottom-up system that allows you to raise the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top, letting you get fantastic visibility while maintaining control of light levels.

Sunburst’s cellular shades also come in a range of transparencies, from slightly see-through to opaque, so a lack of privacy is not a concern. Also, unlike different kinds of shades, cellular shades don’t bulk up at the sides or along the top of the window when drawn, because they collapse so easily. That means you have the ability to preserve the beautiful look of your bay windows when the shades aren’t closed.

Plantation Shutters For Bay Windows

Half white shutters in family room bay window.

As with cellular shades, plantation shutters offer Destin homeowners the chance to show off their bay windows’ geometry while adding the benefits of a customized window treatment. Plantation shutters go above and beyond cellular shades however, by granting you even higher levels of light and visibility control with their moveable louvers. And since they’re custom-built for your windows, you can benefit from even greater leeway in how you accentuate their style with differing shutter lengths and configurations.

Due to the fact that bay windows are typically some of the biggest windows in the house, Polywood® plantation shutters’ insulation is a big allure. Polywood shutters can restrict nearly 30° of temperature flow in your space if used correctly, which means that the ideal temperature in your space is a quick tilt away.

For that timeless wood plantation shutter look, our Ovation® shutters exceed all similar shutters, having the distinction of being the only five star rated wood shutter currently available on the market. Ovation shutters can also accentuate the wood frames around your bay windows.

Let Your Bay Windows Shine, Destin!

You’re keeping your room from looking its best if you aren’t getting a great visual “pop” from your bay windows. Let Sunburst Shutters Destin help your windows go the distance with our professional experience. Get in touch with the Sunburst Shutters Destin team today by calling 850-203-0419 to schedule a free in-home design consultation. We’ll work with your timeline and bring window treatment samples straight to your door!